Know the Point Structure

You earn different points for different kinds engagement. For RVA Agents, it's easy to remember the 'big three' social media platforms when posting about your hometown.


Earn Points By

Tweeting: 5 points
Retweeting: 3 points
Liking: 1 point


Earn Points By

Posting: 5 points
Sharing: 3 points
Liking: 1 point


Earn Points By

Posting: 5 points
Sharing: 3 points
Liking: 1 point

What can I earn with my points?

75 points : RVA playing cards

100 points: RVA Agent sunglasses

150 points: GRP baseball cap

200 points: SXSW t-shirt

250 points: Shine Vessels pint mug

300 points: TBD

The Official Rules:

  • Anyone with pre-existing social media accounts is eligible to be an RVA Agent and earn prizes. Sorry, but local, regional and state economic development employees are ineligible for prizes.
  • We will only reward points based on positive social media messages. You can not disparage the region and expect to get points for it.
  • We will contact you via social media or email so we can connect you with your prize. We will try our best to accommodate clothing sizes when appropriate.
  • If you use any other social media platforms than the three listed above, it's okay! Just make sure that the same post is shared on the ones above. Example: Repost your instagram photo on facebook to earn points there instead.
  • You may share, like or repost on multiple platforms regarding the same news topic, however the maximum amount of points will be 5.
  • No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

Powered by the Greater Richmond Partnership

The Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. is an economic development team whose impact can be felt all over the region! By representing the counties of Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, and the City of Richmond, we help companies expand to the area, bringing jobs and taxable investment (which pays for schools, civil services and infrastructure).

It is a single point of contact to the network of private sector and state and local government professionals that supports a company’s facility location decision.